The international Girls in ICT day

The marking of the international Girls in ICT (Information and communication technologies) day in Serbia, will be organized by the Ministry of Foreign and Internal trade and Telecommunications on April 25th 2013. poker online

A conference will be held on this occasion, which is expected to be attended by over 200 students from technical faculties, on which numerous successful women coming from civil service, ICT sector, education, activism and entrepreneurship will be presented.

This day is celebrated for the third time in more than 100 countries. In the past two years, over 30.000 girls have participated in over 1.200 events organized around the world on the occasion of Girls in ICT day.

The initiative for marking the day dedicated to motivating young women to choose a carrier in the field of information and communication technologies, engineering and science, came from Republic of Serbia and the suggestion was excepted by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) in October 2010. On the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference in Guadalajara amendments were adopted to resolution 70, which is dealing with women's issues and a decision was made to mark the Girls in ICT day annually, on every fourth Thursday in April.

The aim of this event is to enable young women to become closer to information and communication technologies, to present them the possibilities of employment in this sector as to encourage girls to think about a career in information and communication technologies sector.

The International girls in ICT day is conceived as a carrier/job fair for students of technical faculties, to encourage them to become professionals in this field.

Information and communication technologies represent an excellent chance for a successful carrier for women around the world. Activities organized on every fourth Tuesday in April, have a goal to spread the awareness about the criteria needed when choosing a profession, to encourage girls to choose their profession according their own interests and talents and not according to stereotypes that are dividing jobs as male and female ones. This is a chance for them to get to know all the areas for which they can get educated and to make first contacts for their future careers as to find inspiration in successful women, to persist in their intentions.

You can send your application for attendance on the Girls in ICT conference (name, family name, faculty) on