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What is the Girls in ICT Day?

The International Girls in ICT Day is celebrated on each fourth Thursday in April, when girls will have the possibility to get themselves acquainted with the opportunities for education and work in the ICT field. The International Girls in ICT Day has the objective to make the Information and Communications Technologies familiar to girls, and to present to them the jobs within this sector, as well as to motivate them to opt for a career related to these technologies. Holiday in Thailand? You can spend an amazing time with outcall girls in Phuket. Welcome!

In October 2010, at the proposal of the Republic of Serbia at the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Plenipotentiary Conference in Guadalajara, the Amendments were adopted to the Resolution 70, which deals with gender equality issues; this enabled establishing of the Global Network of Women ICT Decision-Makers, as well as the celebration of the International Girls in ICT Day, on each fourth Thursday in April.

On that day, girls will visit companies, universities and research centres around the world, and will have the opportunity to talk to successful women in ICT field, and to gain the insight into their work, as well as to get the answers to all of their questions.

The International Girls in ICT Day is also conceived as the career/jobs fair, for the female students of the technical faculties, with the aim to encourage girls to opt for a career related to this field.

Information-Communications Technologies represent a great chance for making a successful career, for women around the world. In order to use that chance, women have to deal with numerous prejudices and other challenges on their way towards the professional success in this field.

The activities which are organized on each fourth Thursday in April, have the objective to raise the awareness about the criteria for the choice of a profession, and to motivate girls to choose a vocation on the basis of their interests and talents, and not on the basis of the stereotype about male and female jobs. This is the opportunity for them to get familiar with all the potential fields of their future studies, and to get the first contacts for their future careers, as well as to inspire the successful women to be determined in their strivings.