Best photo competition on the occasion of Girls in ICT day, 11. April, 2013.

On the occasion of marking the International Girls in ICT day, we are inviting students of all years of technical faculties, to participate in Best photo competition with the subject “ICT everyday”

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The international Girls in ICT day, 11. April, 2013.

The marking of the international Girls in ICT (Information and communication technologies) day in Serbia, will be organized by the Ministry of Foreign and Internal trade and Telecommunications on April 25th 2013.

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Celebrating of the Girls in ICT Day in Serbia, 24. April, 2012.

On the occasion of the International Girls in ICT Day celebration, on April 23, 2012 in Belgrade, Digital Agenda Administration hosted more than 300 girls from the elementary schools from all over Republic of Serbia, who have visited the leading ICT companies (Telekom Srbija, Telenor, Vip mobile, ComTrade, IBM, HP, Microsoft, Cisco, Ericsson, Huawei, Intel, Oracle, SAP), Digital Agenda Administration and other public institutions from this field (Ratel), as well as the technical faculties.

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Data in this very interesting info-graphic are based on gender and profession of the two leading characters in the Top 10 movies, per years, from the 1926 until 2010.

Each profession is divided by gender and, on the decade level, by most frequent professions. Gender equality in the production sector is noticeable for more than 30 years, but also the contextual peaks in different historical periods of time are present.

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270 students at the Celebration of Girls Day in Belgrade, 28. April, 2011.

State Secretary for Digital Agenda, Jasna Matić, welcomed 270 girls from all parts of Serbia, at the manifestation regarding the celebration of the International Girls in ICT Day.

Right upon their arrival to Belgrade, the girls had the opportunity to talk to Jasna Matic and successful women from the ICT field, and to gain a better insight into their work through their experiences. The girls also met the students and professors from the technical faculties, who introduced them with the opportunities for studying and education within ICT field.

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